Celtic Jig (pronounced as if it were written with a K) is the association that stands behind the Ivy Irish Dance Academy. It is our representative for all legal and juridical purposes. It is a non-profit association under Swiss law, founded by Irish Dancers in Basel. Celtic Jig supports and promotes the typical Irish dance tradition including classes, shows and other events and competitions in Switzerland. It cooperates with experienced Irish Dance teachers and organizes studios and rooms.


Our Association Committee is made up of volunteer members. The Committee meets once a year, and is responsible for designing and managing all the association’s activities.

  • Marion Bächlin-Cunningham – President
    Petersgasse 23, 4051 Basel
    Tel. 079/739 77 23
  • Rachel Reber – Treasurer
    Chilmetweg 7b, 4464 Maisprach
    Tel. 079/338 36 76
  • Arielle Schnyder – Administration
    Stöberstrasse 27, 4055 Basel
    Tel. 077/522 02 42

Membership Application

If you want to apply for membership in our association, please fill out this form and send it to
Celtic Jig application form

Bank details and donations

Celtic Jig would not exist without many dedicated people who are committed to this self-managed, independent and non-profit association. For the the running costs we are dependent on donations. Thank you for the support!

PC-Konto: 89-912081-4
IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 8991 2081 4